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Not in My Name

...but they're dead just the same...

#211 - Joseph Paul Jernigan - TX - 8/5/1993

At the prompting of a prison chaplain, he agreed to donate his body for scientific research or medical use. His cadaver was sectioned and photographed for the Visible Human Project. He is the subject of an HBO documentary Virtual Corpse.

Victim:  Edward Hale (75)                   7/3/1981

Codefendant:  Roy Dean Lamb – Sentenced to 30 years for murder with a deadly weapon.  Was 
                                                           paroled in 1991.

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#212 - David Lee Holland - TX - 8/12/1993

He was identified by videotape and he confessed.  Then tried to say he didn’t get a fair trial.  Hrm.

Victims:  Helen Jean Barnard (29)                    7/16/1985
                Dianna Joy Jackson (23)                     7/16/1985

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#213 - Carl Eugene Kelly - TX - 8/20/1993

Graves confessed and made a plea bargain to receive a Life sentence.  Kelly also confessed, but refused the plea bargain, went on trial and was sentenced to death.

Victims:  Steven Pryor                    9/2/1980
                David Wade Riley            9/2/1980

Co-defendant:  Thomas Graves – Sentenced to Life.  As of the date of this posting, he is still
                                                            incarcerated.  Looking at his listed information on the Texas
                                                            Department of Criminal Justice site, he is serving THREE life
                                                            sentences, including one for a murder committed the day
                                                            before these crimes, but as of yet, I've been unable to find
                                                            any information about the other murder.

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