Not in My Name

...but they're dead just the same...

#204 - Andrew J. Chabrol - VA - 6/17/1993

Chabrol opted not to appeal his conviction and never expressed any regrets for having committed the murder, which he viewed as an act of revenge. 

Victim: Melissa Harrington (27)              7/9/1991

Codefendant:  Stanley Justin Berkeley – Sentenced to 3 Life terms.  As of the date of this posting,
                                                                        he is still incarcerated.

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#203 - John Christopher Sawyers - TX - 5/18/1993

I’m not even sure what to say about this one.  But then it has never even crossed my mind to beat my neighbor’s head in with a skillet and rob her.  No matter how intoxicated I was.

Victim:  Ethyl Delaney (67)          2/2/1983

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#202 - Leonel Torres Herrera - TX - 5/12/1993

Part of me wants to rail against the execution of a man who wasn’t guilty here.  Part of me can’t help but think it just doesn’t add up.  If he weren’t guilty, why did he CONFESS to the second murder?  If it truly was his brother who committed the murders, why wait until that brother was dead to say so?  If his brother’s son was in the car when his father killed the officers, why did one of the officers’ patrol partner say only the killer was in the car?

I oppose the death penalty.  But I’m not convinced I should be jumping on the bandwagon to proclaim this man innocent.  Too much doesn’t add up here.

So… I’ll simply rail against the sentence of death regardless of his guilt or innocence.  And the fact that the Supreme Court claimed actual innocence wasn’t enough to bar his execution.  After being convicted, he could only hope to prove there were procedural errors to stop the execution.  After being convicted, his actual innocence or guilt no longer mattered.  How f’d up is that?

Victims:  David Rucker                        9/29/1981
                 Enrique Carrisalez              9/29/1981

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#201 - Larry Joe Johnson - FL - 5/5/1993

At one point he tried to insist it was his 17 year old companion’s idea, not his.  He wasn’t a willing participant.  A 33 year old man dominated by a 17 year old girl.  Uh… 

Victim:  James Maxwell Hadden (67)            3/16/1979

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#200 - Darryl Elroy Stewart - TX - 5/4/1993

Each said the other one committed the crime.  One gets sentenced to death, one gets 20 years.  That’s not ever going to be okay with me.

Victim:  Donna Kate Thomas (22)               2/6/1980

Codefendant:  Kelvin Kelly – Testified against Stewart.  Sentenced to 20 years.  He is no longer listed
                                                   in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s prisoner database, so
                                                   he’s probably been paroled.

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#199 - Robert Dale Henderson Sr. - FL - 4/21/1993

He claimed to have killed as many as 12 people in a multi-state spree.  Unfortunately, I’m having great difficulty finding information about his victims.

Victims:  Murray Ferderber                        1/25/1982
                Dorothy Wilkerson                       1/25/1982
                Ivan Barnett
                Marie Barnett
                Clifford Barnett (11)
                Francis Dickey (23)
                Robert Dawson (18)
                Vernon Odom (27)

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#198 - James Dean Clark - AZ - 4/14/1993

When he was arrested, the police found that Clark had retained as a souvenir from the murders the bullet that had passed through the head of one of the victims.

Victims:  Charles Thumm                12/4/1977
                Mildred Thumm               12/4/1977
                Gerald McFerron (17)     12/4/1977
                George Martin                  12/4/1977

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#197 - Ramon Montoya - TX - 3/25/1993

U. S. immigration officials said that Montoyo had previously been deported on a weapons charge, but had re-entered the country illegally.

Victim:  John Pasco (27)            1/16/1983

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#196 - Carlos Santana - TX - 3/23/1993

He never denied his involvement in the murder, though from what I can find?  He wasn’t the one who killed Flores, Meanes was.

Victim:  Oliver Flores (29)         4/21/1981

Codefendant:  James Ronald Meanes – Sentenced to death.  Executed in 1998.

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#195 - Syvasky Lafayette Poyner - VA - 3/18/1993

Syvasky Poyner was a nuisance, but no one thought he was a killer.  Police knew him as someone who'd swipe a car if the keys were left in the ignition or break into a house if the door was left unlocked. His stepfather learned not to leave anything of value, even spare change, sitting around the house. Poyner's ex-wife described him as a “mama's boy” who cooked and cleaned.  Poyner's killing frenzy started around noon on Jan. 23, 1984. He walked into a Hampton hair-care shop and took $40. As the store manager, a mother of five, begged for her life, Poyner killed her with a single shot to the head.  Before he was arrested 12 days later, Poyner would kill four more women. All selected at random. All robbed of $50 or less. All murdered in the middle of the day.  Poyner would later say he murdered the women so he wouldn't leave witnesses, something he said he learned from a fellow inmate during a stretch in prison.  “If you rob someone and kill them they can't identify you,” said Brent Musgrove, a Hampton detective supervisor who arrested Poyner. “To Syvasky Poyner, that's just how frigging simple it was.”

Victims:  Joyce Baldwin (45)                              1/23/1984
                Clara Louise Paulett                            1/30/1984
                Chestine Brooks (43)                          1/30/1984
                Vicki Ripple (18)                                  1/31/1984
                Carolyn Hedrick                                  2/2/1984

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